Monday, March 6, 2017

February 2017

Scott and I have been in a frenzy to manifest our hopes and aspirations over the last couple of weeks. I don't want to sound all looney and attribute this to the solar eclipse that happened in late February, but it really feels as though we've been given an energetic push to work on the fresh starts we have been trying to create for ourselves. We've gone into overdrive with our projects, to the point where the weekends are beginning to feel more exhausting than the weekdays – not that we're complaining!

We've gone to Mustafa in Little India on a Sunday night (wouldn't recommend this) to look at Kenwood dough mixers, tried to make 500 bagels (slight exaggeration), attempted to visit all the bakeries along Orchard Road, gone into Art Friend to look at plywood, and even gone to Chinatown to buy a new frying pan; which was distinctively not a wok.

Note to azn girls who may end up marrying a Westerner: keep a private savings account so that you will always have the financial autonomy to buy a wok. Gwai lo will not understand the importance of owning a wok. Taking it as an insult to your heritage, you will not have the patience to explain the value of a wok to gwai lo. (JK! Love u Scotty)

Some pictures from the last couple of weeks. Still brewing that kombucha. Scott's housemates definitely think we are weird now.

We tried to recreate the lamb doner kebab we had in Berlin. I think we did a fantastic job, but it just wasn't the same =(

We went to an organic-friendly farmers' market at Hotel Jen the weekend before last (25 Feb). And then the Social Market at Open Farm Community last weekend (5 Mar). I feel a bit self-conch writing about us going to these events because it feels very White Person with Money, but it was surprisingly not ‘whitewashed’ at all. It was nice to see local fishermen and farmers flaunting their stuff.

There was a cute chubby kid (in yellow) at the Hotel Jen market who was such a good salesman for Naked Greens, we couldn’t help but get insect repellent – made with cloves – from him. There’s another market happening this weekend (11 Mar) at Loewen Gardens that we’re hoping to check out – you should too!

One Saturday we had a really nice brunch for dinner at Amelia's place. We made bagels – first attempt and great success!

We've been quite disciplined about going to yoga once a week. We usually go for the 10am class on Saturdays at the Yogabar, a studio started by Dwi. I like the flow of her sequences and she's very good at adjusting our posture – especially helpful for Scott who is new to yoga. Scott's downward dog is so good now!
After a particularly sweaty class

One night we made tiny food at my cousin's house, which was so strange but really fun!

Inspired by all the shaping and rolling we did the night before, we decided to make sushi for dinner the next day.

We've had sushi night before so it was relatively fuss-free since we had most of the stuff already – sushi rice, bamboo mats, seaweed, miso.

We've also gone and bought more plants. Now we have herbs!

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