Monday, January 30, 2017


For Scott’s birthday, I got him an eyepatch. (What?) I also wanted to take him out for a nice dinner but my card got declined at the restaurant (is it just me or does everyone also lose track of how much online shopping they do?) so he ended up having to pay for his own birthday dinner. And then also had to pick up the tab at the bar we went to after dinner. Poor sod. Apart from my inability to keep track of my spending, what’s actually more worrisome is the fact that I seem to be inheriting my mum’s enviable knack for gift giving. (She gifts the kookiest stuff!!)
A drunk pirate turns 28!

4 months later, Scott got me an orchid for my desk at work for my birthday. It was a bid to mark territory, and according to him, he’d spent the weeks leading up to my birthday contemplating between this beautiful orchid and peeing on me.
Scotty shrine

He also compiled a booklet containing cute doodles and key information about the trip back to his hometown he’d planned and booked for us. Knowing how much Scott detests dealing with all the nitty-gritty details of travelling, I found this gesutre particularly sweet. Once, he tried to check in online on the morning of his flight, only to realize that he’d forgotten to actually book his flight. *gasp*

So began the countdown: 4 months!

I was super excited and wanted to start packing. Immediately!!!!!!! But I couldn’t. Because I had no winter clothes. I was going to have to buy a whole new wardrobe and develop a whole new sense of style. (So dramatic.) They say the secret to staying warm in winter is layering – something I knew nothing about. But thanks to and my incessant asking, “do I wear a jumper over this? Do I wear HEATTECH under this? Can I wear HEATTECH and then a turtleneck?” I learnt that there’s the thermal layer, the blouse layer, the cardigan/jumper layer, the big coat layer, the scarf, the beanie, the gloves…

I’ve always been a super light packer, something I trained myself to do because I have the upper body strength of a hamster. But these layers were messing me up, so I came up with an infograph on Adobe Illustrator to help me plan my outfits from top to bottom.
I know. CHILL OUT, JUSTINE. I’m such a dork. Unfortunately, I didn’t really stick to it and ended up packing 10 scarves to which Scott was like, “I think you’re bringing too many scarves.” And I was like, “errrr…. No, I’m not. They’re useful!”

Anyway, if you’re packing for a trip – better yet, an adventure – or any event where you need to plan several outfit changes, I highly recommend making an infograph of the clothes you need/want. In the months leading up to the trip, Scott surprised me with socks/scarves/beanies to match my pink coat. I swear I didn’t create the infograph with the intention of using it as a visual wish list, but that could happen if your boyfriend is really thoughtful!

As expected, our luggages were overflowing with knits and cookies. Luckily quick-thinking Scottine thought to vacuum pack our stuff so we scurried to the supermarket for ziplock bags and borrowed a kind neighbour’s vacuum cleaner.

Super proud of our packing, we decided to treat ourselves to a chocolate ice cream from Venchi, which was so good we actually fought over it.
Scotty hogging the cone

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